Why Hire Us?

Choose us because of our reputation for excellence. Since 2004, we’ve earned a name for quality and customer service. The homeowners we serve rely on us for detail-oriented, consistent cleaning services, every single time we clean their homes.

Additional Services

Oven Cleaning

Fridge Cleaning

Use Green Supplies

Clean Inside Cabinets

Inside Window Cleaning


What It Involves

Oven cleaning normally takes 30-60 minutes. Some of the tasks our cleaning staff will perform are as follows:

Spray inside of oven with oven cleaner(leave for 30-60 miunutes)

Scrub down all inside walls

Scrub and clean all trays/grills of oven

Vacuum/wipe/scrub hinges and remove any caked-on-food/charcoal

Full clean of inside/outside glass of oven

What It Does Not Involve

Please note that while we do provide a thorough inside oven cleaning service, we are not a specialist oven cleaning company and we will therefore not completely dissemble your oven. This means that our oven-cleans are generally a lot more reasonably priced and can lead to very similar results.

Please also note that for some older ovens there is a limit to how much they can be cleaned and they may never look as good as new, but we will give it our best shot!!


Our fridge cleaning involves taking everything out of your fridge, cleaning the shelves, drawers, compartments and basically the whole interior, then we pop everything back inside.

Please note that if you have an exceptionally large fridge, the extra charges may apply.

Please also note that we do not clean freezers as these in general need to be defrosted before cleaned.


A simple but often time consuming chore – cleaning the inside of cabinets in the house. We have a number of different options/prices available, as follows:

Clean inside kitchen cabinets (empty)

This option is for when you need the inside of all kitchen cabinets cleaned and they are already empty. Generally chosen when moving in or moving out of a property.

Clean inside kitchen cabinets (full)

This option is for when your kitchen cabinets are full and will require manually emptying, cleaning inside the cabinets, and then manually placing back items into cabinets. This is considerably more time consuming and therefore is a little more pricey!

Clean inside all other drawers/cabinets

This option is to cover cleaning inside of all the other drawers/cabinets in your home. This covers bathrooms, bedrooms and any other fixed drawers/cabinets.

Please note that like all our extras, if you have an exceptionally large home and therefore considerably more drawers/cabinets than the average, we may be in touch before starting your service to discuss pricing/options.

Inside Window Cleaning

All our cleaning teams will come fully equipped to also provide inside window cleaning services. This involves cleaning all the glass panels within your home. Please note that our prices are based on the average sized home and if your house has an exceptional amount of glass, we may need to review pricing on the day.

We offer inside window cleaning only.

House Cleaning Checklists

Tubs/Showers thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and dried (if not used, tubs are dusted only)
Toilets cleaned inside and out, including base and behind
Sinks cleaned and dried, faucets cleaned and dried and polished
Mirror cleaned
Vanity top cleaned (remove items and clean all surface)
Towel racks and toilet paper holders wiped for dust and fingerprints/towels neatly folded
Window sills wiped and picture frames dusted
Walls wiped around toilet and towel areas and wherever needed
Cabinet fronts wiped for fingerprints and dust, medicine cabinets cleaned
Trash can emptied and wiped
Fingerprints removed from door handles, frames and switches
Floors mopped

All furniture dusted on top, sides and front (remove items to dust/ if shelf is full of books, wipe around it)
Blinds dry dusted
Picture frames dusted
Mirrors/glass doors cleaned
Window sills cleaned
Beds made
Trash emptied and wiped
Fingerprints removed from door handles, frames and switch plates
Carpets and throw rugs vacuumed, including “walk-in closets”
Ceiling fans dusted
Electronics dusted and wiped

Countertops cleaned and cabinet fronts wiped down
Exterior of appliances and interior and exterior of microwave/stove top to be cleaned out thoroughly/spot clean top of hood fan
Sinks scrubbed, rinsed, dried and polished, faucets wiped and polished
Walls behind sink area to be wiped for splashes
Small countertop appliances wiped (toaster, coffee machines, etc)
Trash emptied, wiped out and replaced with new garbage bag/wipe area by garbage can
Wash or dust kitchen table, chairs and stools
Dust hanging lights
Blinds dusted, window sills wiped
Floors vacuumed and mopped (even the storage area)
Fingerprints removed from switch plates, door handles and frames

Living Room/Bonus Room (including Hallways and Stairs)
All furniture dusted and wiped on top, front and sides
Cushions and pillows straightened and crumbs removed from couches
Throws/blankets folded
Vacuumed (move furniture if it’s hardwood flooring and vacuum and mop underneath)
Blinds dusted, window sills wiped
Fireplace area dusted and wiped
Fingerprints removed from switch plates and doorhandles
Stair handrails and walls wiped
Pictures dusted and glass doors cleaned
Light fixtures dusted
Electronics dusted and wiped

Front and Back Entry
Fingerprints removed from doorhandles and switch plates
Glass doors wiped
Vacuum and mop floors
Spot clean walls